Iris Coll

Founder of the brand - 33 years

More than 10 years of experience in the sector creating a special universe made up of a great family, a network of multi-brand clients throughout Spain and Portugal who trust the brand week after week.

After finishing my degree in Law and Business, I began to travel with my parents and to experience and feel the soul of the family: fashion.

I have lived at home since I was little the creative spirit and the constant evolution and changing that this business requires.

I felt that this project had been within me since I was born and it made me vibrate, I was passionate about it. I let myself be carried away by my heart, family and my intuition and I decided to be part of the family business in a very conscious and thoughtful way because of the great responsibility it entailed.

Like everything worthwhile in this life, it has not been easy ... but
the best legacy my parents have left me is love for my work, and the best example, dreaming hard and not fainting.